20-22 September 2023
UTAD, Vila Real, Portugal
20-22 September 2023
UTAD, Vila Real, Portugal


Plenary Lectures

Molecules4… Drug Delivery


Dr. Bruno Silva

Empa - Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology
Advancements and challenges in nonviral gene therapeutics: a physical chemist’s perspective
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Blanco Prieto

Prof. María J. Blanco-Prieto

School of Pharmacy and Nutrition, Universidad de Navarra
Nanomedicine for the treatment of pediatric cancer
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Molecules4… Healthy Food


Prof. Pierre-Louis Teissedre

Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin, University of Bordeaux
Health potential of grape and wine phenolic compounds
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Prof. Justin B. Siegel

Genome Centre, University of California, Davis
Protein design and discovery to build the future of our food system
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Molecules4… Sensing and Diagnostic


Dr. Rui Campos

International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory
Genosensors: from small molecules to nucleic acids
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Dr. Maria Gamella Carballo

Department of Analytical Chemistry, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Disposable affinity electrochemical biosensing platforms: towards reliable tools for food safety and personalized nutrition
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Molecules4… Therapeutic Applications


Prof. Tiago Fleming Outeiro

Neurodeg – DFG Center for Nanoscale Microscopy and Molecular Physiology of the Brain, University of Göttingen
Unravelling the molecular mechanisms of Parkinson’s disease and related synucleinopathies
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Prof. Richard C. Hartley

WestCHEM School of Chemistry, University of Glasgow
Small molecules to interrogate and intervene in cellular redox

Prof. Matilde Marques

Department of Chemical Engineering, Instituto Superior Técnico
Tackling health challenges with chemical tools: incursions into drug design and drug toxicity
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Prof. Belen Vaz

Department of Organic Chemistry, Universidad de Vigo
Synthesis of indolobenzoazepinone scaffolds as active epigenetic modulators: challenges and opportunities
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Conference Time-Plan

Captura De Ecra 2023 07 27 As 1017 52

Oral Communications

Molecules4…Therapeutic Applications

OC1 - Christian Griesinger

Small molecules triggering transmembrane signaling and interfering with aggregation important in neurodegeneration - Invited communication

OC2 - Filipe Teixeira

A game with a purpose: designing structural modifications in Polymyxin B to face multi-drug resistant  bacteria

OC3 - Tiago Santos

Artemisinin extracts with ionic liquids and salts hydrotropes as a Plasmodium falciparum antimalarial  strategy

OC4 - Sandra Pinto

Engineered polyurea (PURE) dendrimers kill multi-drug resistant bacteria and candida strains without  affecting mammalian cells 

OC5 - Finbarr O'Harte

Design of peptides for activation of the APJ and GLP-1 receptors and alleviation of metabolic dysfunction in diabetes

OC6 - Samuel SIlvestre

Oxidized arylidenesteroids with potential interest in the treatment of prostatic diseases - Invited communication

OC7 - Andreia Fernandes 

Chemical characterization and cellular mechanisms of mushroom polysaccharides: evaluating the potential for wound healing 

OC8 - Mah Hui

New xanthone analogues as potential lead compounds for gastric inflammatory diseases

OC9 - Maria João Queiroz

Synthesis of novel methyl 3-(hetero)arylthieno[3,2-b]pyridine-2-carboxylates and in vitro and in ovo antitumoral evaluation - Invited communication

OC10 - Mohammed Hawash

Exploring the therapeutic potential of benzodioxol derivatives: targeting multiple biological pathways

OC11 - Adriana Cruz

Nature-inspired anticancer polycationic core-shell dendrimers

OC12 - Daniela Malafaia

Chromeno[3,4-b]xanthones: on the way to a new multitarget approach for Alzheimer’s disease 

OC13 - Nuno Martinho

Journey to the chemical frontier of urease inhibition: molecular design guided by machine learning

OC14 - Tiago Coutinho

Assessment of safety and photo-protective capacity of three  selected flavonoids

Molecules4…Healthy Food

OC1 - João Siopa

Shotgun Proteomics: a powerful tool for investigating the chemical complexity of biscuit melanoidins

OC2 - Maria Nunes

Insect flours potential for healthy food

OC3 - Cláudia Neves

Development of a dietary supplement designed to prepare a functional food for patients with neurodegenerative diseases

OC4 - Bruna Moreira

Evaluation of nutritional and chemical properties of almonds (Prunus dulcis) produced in northeastern of Portugal under different conditions by intercropping systems

OC5 - João Mota

Degradation of vinegar: influence of chemical and microbiological parameters on the quality of wine vinegar

OC6 - Elisa Costa

Protein extraction from Arthrospira platensis for use in food processing

Molecules4…Sensing and Diagnostic

OC1 - Ana Viana 

Electrochemical polymerization of catecholamines and catechol derivatives for optical and electrochemical biosensors - Invited communication

OC2 - Isilda Amorim

An electrochemical sensor based on transition metals for detection of bioactive molecules containing phenolic groups

OC3 - Ana Queijo

Simultaneous voltammetric determination of carbamazepine, paracetamol and naproxen using a miniaturized electrochemical device

OC4 - Verónica Serafin

Valorizing electrochemical multiplexing of humoral immune response biomarkers for precision chronic diseases medicine

OC5 - Helena Gonçalves

Genetic biosensor for fast and selective SARS-CoV-2 detection - Invited communication

OC6 - Manuela Frasco

Engineered functional photonic materials for bioinspired sensing - Invited communication

OC7 - Célio Neves

Biomimetic hydrogel for optical sensing of extracellular vesicles

OC8 - Sara Gaspar

NO2Probe: application of a new nitrite point-of-care test in biomedicine

Molecules4…Drug Delivery

OC1 - Ricardo Silva

Extracellular vesicles increased production by stimulation with nitric oxide releasing polyurea biodendrimers

OC2 - Romeu Videira

Exploring the therapeutic space around mitochondrial respiratory chain to tackle chronic diseases  - Invited communication

OC3 - Sandra Nunes

Efficient models for Monte Carlo simulations applied to different biomolecules-based drug delivery systems

OC4 - Carla Vitorino

Addressing hard-to-access brain tumors using a chemo-photothermal nanotechnology

OC5 - Ana Silva

Oral films incorporating chestnut shells bioactive compounds as delivery system for the prevention/treatment of oral mucositis

OC6 - Ivo  Martins

Synthesis of carbon dots using dendrimers as co-precursor 

OC7 - Tânia Cova

Breaking through the blood-brain barrier: the synergy of machine learning and molecular simulations in designing cell-penetrating peptides for glioblastoma nanoparticle therapy